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2022 Breeding Schedule

These are our planned breedings, they are subject to change until the doe is actually bred.  If there is a breeding you are interested in, please email me at  

Dam Photo
Sire Photo
Due Date
Diji Farm GB Darling Snow 1*M VEEE91
Diji Farm CRB Austin Healy
Doe Reserved - VG
Diji Farm CRE Dixie Chic
Diji Farm CRB Austin Healey
Kidded 2/22/22
P1 - Wether P2 - doa
1 wether available $125
Diji Farm PN Aruba
Hidden Gems CZ Cabo *B
Kidded 2/24/2022
P6 Doe, P7 Doe, P8 Doe
All Sold - Diji Farm C Seychelles (Retained), Diji Farm C Eden, Diji Farm C Maui
Diji Farm BL Constellation 2*M VEEV90
Diji Farm PN Montego Bay
Kidded 3/11/22
P9 Doe, P10 Buck, P11 Doe, P12 Doe
Doe Reserved KT Doe $350 Buck $350
Franke Farm MT Night Sky 1*M VEEV90
Diji Farm CRE Elohim
Kidded 3/20/22
confirmed US
Sky lost her single buckling and has moved to her retirement home
Sans Gene EP Skeeter
Diji Farm CRB Austin Healey
Kidded 4/14/22
P13 Doe, P14 Doe, P15 Buck
Doe Retianed; Doe & Wether Reserved
Diji Farm PD Marthamay Whoiver +V++84
will DNA, possible Austin, Don or Jack
Kidded 5/19/22
P13 Buck, P14 Doe (retained
Doe Retained; Wether: $125
Diji Farm CL Darling Amaryllis
Diji Farm CRE Elohim
Kidded: 2/23/2022
P3 Doe, P4 Buck, P5 Doe
Diji Farm EL Darlin Snowdrop (retained); Diji Farm EL Periwinkle (reserved) Buck $250/Wether: $125 - Diji Farm C Sweet William
Diji Farm PD Briar Rose
Springwater AL Wait That's Me
Kidded: 3/28/22
2 does (reserved); Buck - retained Til-Riv WTM Lil' Rickie
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